Anxiously Waiting

Musty morning moments spent
So fallaciously free
I knew them for a moment
Maybe even two
But I can’t at the present recall their last name.

Darkness falls
Or should I say it doles
A week night spent with comrades,
Weak souls.

Deal them cards with some sure-fire backhand flair
I’ll toss in the best, well… whatever I got
I saw you in the back, and I’ll bet that you saw me.

Stick to my gun, lie when I need
Your eyes have that dead-shot want, hidden greed
Fuck it I’ll call
All in, so most say.
Won’t say I didn’t
And continue to rue the day.

Tom Waits croons so sullen in the background,
There was a time in my retarded youth,
That I hoped I wouldn’t fall in love with you,
But I’m glad that you sat down with this old clown.