The cursor blinks at me
With this glorious instrumental
Burgeoning transcendence
In the background, but poking at the front line
Of my struggle

I so want to lay out on this dimmed white screen
What I feel but there is just no way
Right now, it’s been a rougher patch than most
But just a few days over all
Over this existence

I’m sure I can conjure some lyrics
That can get me somewhat close,
But what good does that do you
If you don’t know the tune
I fail just the same

If I say nothing at all
And let the surroundings do the talking
You’re bound to make well of what you say
Glossing over my nods and vapid grace,
Sure sounds lonely

It’s rushed and disjointed
But it’s my words and thoughts alone
I know I’ll wrestle with them both
As I close the program and place the glass
Down, to sleep I’ll sometime get.